Welcome to the Seitz Research Group!


Our research revolves around the fascinating properties of lanthanoid functional materials, especially in the area of luminescence and magnetism.



Ruth-Massenberg Prize for Jessica Wahsner

January 31, 2017

Jessica, who is currently working as a postdoctoral associate at Harvard Medical School (Noston, USA), has been awarded this year's Ruth-Massenberg Prize for the best dissertation in the Natural Sciences at the Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany). Congratulations to this great achievement!

Master Thesis - Markus Trautnitz

February 16, 2017

Markus has finished his master thesis on the study of radiative lifetimes in luminescent lanthanoid cryptates. Congratulations! He will start work on his PhD thesis in April 2017.

New Postdoc: Laura Büldt

January 02, 2017

Laura Büldt has joined our group for postdoctoral work. She has previously worked on transition metal complexes with very nice redoc properties. Welcome!

Poster Prize for Elisabeth

March 08, 2017

Elisabeth has won a poster prize at the Coordintion Chemistry Meeting 2017 in Potsdam. Congrats!



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